Vestal Makers

Just finished creating a short video highlighting Vestal's freshly released Makers project. Vestal Makers is the brand's custom handmade leather goods offering. In this video we follow Vestal team rider Gunnar Gehl in the shop as he checks out the process of his custom band being created.

This was a really fun shoot with Gunnar and the Vestal crew. The main challenge was getting some detail shots that weren't being obstructed by the craftsman's hands.

High quality goods made by hand in the good old USA. What's not to love?

Below is the final piece that will be hosted on the Vestal site and the accompanying shorter promo piece intended for use on social media to drive traffic to the Vestal site where viewers can get more detailed info on the project.

Field Trip: Journeyman Distillery, Dark Horse Brewery, and Saugutuck Brewery

Alley Bar and friends took a field trip across the state to Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, MI. A quick stop at Dark Horse Brewery on the way out from Ann Arbor for lunch and a pint with a stop at the Saugutuck Brewery in the morning where we brewed a custom batch of beer. We went with a Pineapple Blonde perfect for the coming warm weather.

Detroit, MI

Spent the weekend playing tour guide and tourist downtown Detroit with a friend from LA and first time Detroiter. Tried to take in as many of the different sides of city as we could. The buildings surrounding Eastern Market in Detroit are incredible thanks to the works commissioned as a part of Murals in the Market. Here's some photos and a video to recap some of the fun.